Hi! I’m Robert Wyatt Duncan. I wear a lot of different hats in my line of work. Primarily, I’m a production assistant in the film and television industry. Recently, I was one of the core production assistants on the Nathan Fielder/Benny Safdie comedy series The Curse, The New Mexico unit for Stranger Things Season 4, as well as Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. I’ve also worked on Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, Better Call Saul for AMC, Big Sky for ABC, Coyote v. Acme for Warner Bros, Daybreak for Netflix, Stargirl for Disney+, and various TV movies for Lifetime Network. As a production assistant, I’ve learned how to work extremely long hours with a large group of people, as well as handling simultaneous duties under pressure. My job on set is helping the production move smoothly and safely, without going over schedule. Set life can be extremely challenging at times, but I love the energy of working on a film production.

When I’m not on set, I use video editing to build an audience online. I’m self taught in programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.

I’ve done voice over work for Quinton Reviews on YouTube, including his video How Garfield Lost His Magic which has approximately 2 million views. I was the graphic designer of a Neon Genesis Evangelion/Garfield mashup graphic that went viral, and has been sold thousands of times. My viral content has been featured on websites such as Pop Culture.com, Daily Dot, The Cut, We Got This Covered, Giant Freakin Robot, JoBlo, Distractify, Thrillist, Mashable, Uproxx, and Buzzfeed. In July of 2019, I was interviewed by VICE for an article about Garfield’s internet presence. In January 2021, I was interviewed by Bored Panda about a viral tweet that I had made about a wax museum auction. In December 2020, my Jingle All The Way trailer parody was featured in an article by Exclaim.

That’s a little taste of what I’ve done on set and online! If you have any business inquiries about anything related to my line of work, I hope that you’ll reach out!

Thank you!